Iris Lawがアーティストとして発信するメッセージ。

南青山にオープンしたFirsthandのオープニングイベントとして行われた、モデル/ナチュラルダイアーティストのIris Lawによるタイダイ染めのワークショップの様子をお伝えするとともに、彼女が取り組むプロジェクトに対しての思いを語ってもらった。

ーOther than working as a model, what was the start for this natural dye project?
I wrote essays at school about the pollution that the fashion world creates and then tried to portray viable solutions for each aspect. One of the main elements was the chemical dyes and that led me to research and try out the natural dyes. I fell in love with the process because I figured out my own process and took inspiration from lots of books and documentaries. I love the colours I can make and the message it sends.

ーWhy did you want to collaborate with Tetsu?
Since I was very young I loved his work and had a hoodie which I always borrowed from my dad by him. I never understood the concept that he used recycled cashmere and was helping the environment with his message until I was older and was also interested in the same message.

ーWhat is your thought for the items that’s carried at Firsthand?
I love the range of playful and colourful with refined and elegant. I also love the mixture of means to make the items sustainable for example there’s recycled materials as well as ethically made materials.